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12 Best Fishing Pliers of 2021

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Fishing pliers are an essential angling tool. They can clip a hook, flatten a barb, or cut a steel ladder. You could also use them to unhook your catch, cut a line, or tie a new lure. A pair of pliers will even come in handy when you accidentally step onto a hook.
No matter what type of fishing you do, make sure the pliers you choose are built sturdily to remain in use for years to come. They must also be corrosion-resistant, with handles that won’t slip when gripped with wet hands and jaws that line up properly.
In this article, we’ve reviewed the 10 best fishing pliers for freshwater and saltwater. We’ve also included a comparison table to help you evaluate how these models fare against each other. A buying guide to help you identify the right fishing pliers is on offer, too.

Fishing Pliers Comparison Chart

Our Picks
Best Overall Fishing Pliers
Best for Saltwater
Best Catfish Skinner
Best for Fly Fishing
Best for Removing Split Rings
Best for Hook Removal
Best Titanium
Best Tool Kit

Best Needle Nose
Best Aluminum
Best Stainless Steel
Best Value
KastKing Cutthroat 7 inch Fishing Pliers
KastKing Cutthroat
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ZACX Fishing Pliers
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maybrun Commercial Catfish Skinner
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Piscifun Fishing Pliers
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SAMSFX Aluminum Fishing Pliers
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Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers
View on Amazon
XTOUC Fishing Pliers
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Mossy Oak 4pc Fishing Tool Kit
Mossy Oak
View on Amazon
KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers
KastKing Intimidator
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Sidomma Fishing Pliers
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Amoygoog Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers
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Oiiaee Fishing Pliers
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Suitable forFreshwater & SaltwaterFreshwater & SaltwaterFreshwater environmentsFreshwater & SaltwaterFreshwaterFreshwater & Saltwater
Freshwater environmentsFreshwaterFreshwaterFreshwater & Saltwater
Freshwater & Saltwater
Freshwater & Saltwater
What We LikeThe KastKing Cutthroat 7’’ fishing pliers are made of 420-grade stainless steel, come with multi-function jaws and have a rubber handle to provide a secure, wet-hand grip.The ZACX fishing pliers feature a highly ergonomic handle, can be operated with one or two fingers and are available in a price that is hard to beat.These fishing pliers make skinning catfish a cinch. They also have slip-resistant handles and are given a Teflon coating that makes them a cinch to clean.The Piscifun Fishing Pliers make the job of removing a hook from a split ring fairly easy.The SAMSFX fishing pliers come with a built-in opening/locking device, have replaceable titanium-plated jaw tips and allow one finger operation.The Booms X1 Fishing pliers come with a spring loaded handle that you can open/close with one hand. Plus, their steel lanyard can hold more weight than most lanyards out there.The XTOUCH fishing pliers are incredibly lightweight. They come with two accessories and have a split ring tool that could cut through mono, braided and fluorocarbon lines.The Mossy Oak 4pc tool kit is an excellent option for anglers who want the entire package in one affordable price.The KastKing intimidator pliers tie very tight knots. They also have a durable Teflon coating that will allow them to last for years in freshwater.The Sidomma fishing pliers come in the form of a set (fishing grippers included). Their high-quality, corrosion-resistant construction makes them ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications.The Amoygoog fishing pliers cannot cost any lower than they already do. That is despite the fact that no corners have been cut in their design and performance.The Oiiaee fishing pliers display excellent corrosion-resistant, are easy to grip due to their non-slip EVA foam handle and include multiple tools in their package.
ProsStainless steel construction; easy-to-hold grip; comes with useful extrasBudget-friendly; comfortable handle; one-finger operationRibbed handle; rugged construction; durable springDurable jaws; lightweight handles; replaceable cuttersOpening/locking device; includes split ring tip; belt clipPressurized-handles; sturdy lanyard; durable constructionLightweight; includes accessories; easy to gripFinger safety guard; adjustable nylon cord; adjustableWeather-resistant coating; hardened steel construction; won’t slip in wet handsEffortlessly snips braided line; sheath and hook included; locking mechanismBudget-friendly; resists corrosion; slip-free designEasy-to-grip handle; rust-proof; long nose design
ConsCarabiner’s spring might come looseWon’t remain shutNo accessories includedCan’t expertly remove hooksSheath is too big for the pliersWon’t closeCan’t resist rust for longNot for saltwaterNo lanyard or sheath includedMight be too small for big handsLow quality tetherCan’t clip it to pants
MaterialCarbide, Stainless SteelStainless steel, aluminumPolyurethane, nickle plating, stainless steelStainless steel, aluminum, titaniumStainless steel, aluminumStainless steel, aluminumAircraft-grade aluminum, titanium, tungsten carbideStainless steelS45 steel, tungsten carbideaircraft-grade aluminumStainless steelStainless steel, aluminum
Dimensions7.2" X 3.0"9.02" x 4.8" x 1.5"3.048 x 11.938 x 20.32 cm7.1" x 3.8" x 1.0"10" x 3.9" x 1.5"7.8" x 3.6" x 1.3"7.09" x 2.44" x 0.51"‎12.48" x 8.31" x 1.46"7''8" x 3.6" x 1.9"8" x 4.5" x 0.02"8.74" x 5.63" x 1.65"
Rubberized grip?YesYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Lanyard included?YesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes

4 Tips for Buying Fishing Pliers

  1. Material
    You want pliers that could keep rust and corrosion at bay, so good choices for the material of construction are stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Keep in mind that cheap stainless steel can rust. Only the high-grade one, like hard-carbon stainless steel, can take a beating without showing any signs.
  2. Nose Length
    A shorter nose length will be more than enough for freshwater fishing and for going after small fish such as bass and trout. However, if you regularly do saltwater fishing and target large and toothy fish such as groupers and snappers, you need a longer nose length.
  3. Cutting Options
    Fishing pliers give you two cutting options: line cutters and side cutters.
    Almost all pliers come with a line cutter to help you cut monofilament and fluorocarbon, but they may frustrate you if they aren’t sharp. Look for sharpened and hardened line cutters in order to cut braid.
    Strong side cutters are needed for cutting wires and hooks. They will come to your aid should the shank of a hook digs into your gear or, worse, into your flesh.
  4. Split Ring Tool
    A split ring tool makes changing and replacing hooks a cinch. Opting for a pair of fishing pliers with a split ring capability will save you from opening up and installing split rings with your hands. If this is a crucial feature for you, you might want to go for split ring specialty pliers.

Best Fishing Pliers

1. KastKing Cutthroat

KastKing Cutthroat 7 inch Fishing Pliers

✅ 420 stainless steel construction
✅ Ergonomic, textured rubberized grip
✅ Removable cutting blades
✅ Sheath and lanyard included

⛔ The included carabiner isn’t long-lasting (spring might go loose after a few weeks)

Outstanding Features:
The KastKing Cutthroat fishing pliers come with rubber-handles that make them easy to grip, even with wet hands. These pliers are made out of 420-grade stainless steel, famous for its rust-resistant properties. You can thus safely use these pliers in both saltwater and freshwater environments.
Their tungsten carbide cutters are beefy enough to slice through mono, fluorocarbon, or braid with ease. The protruded surface behind the blade helps make sure your line always stays in alignment with the cutting zone. Plus, the spring loaded jaws allow for easy use with one hand.
That’s not all. The presence of serrated jaws with slots make it easy to remove hooks and crimping. Side-mounted anvil cutters help you cut line effortlessly, and the included lanyard ensures the pliers remain onboard instead of the ocean’s bottom.

Construction & Design:
The KastKing Cutthroat is constructed of 420-grade stainless steel. This is the same grade that is used to form high-strength joints. Experts vouch for its ability to resist alkalis and mild-acids, let alone corrosion. All of this shouldn’t leave any doubt about its hardness and durability.
These pliers’ design also impressed us, especially the raised surface behind the blade. It makes it easy for any angler (novice or expert) to align the line with the cutting zone. This makes it easy for you to remove a hook deeply embedded in your catch’s mouth.

These fishing pliers come with two accessories. A lanyard is on offer to ensure they remain onboard instead of the ocean’s bottom. A custom-molded sheath is also included to let you tuck the pliers away when you’re done using them for the day.


ZACX Fishing Pliers

✅ Affordably priced
✅ Extended, comfortable handle
✅ Can be operated with one or two fingers
✅ Stainless steel mouth

⛔ Don’t have a lock to keep them shut

Evolution (What’s New?):
The ZACX fishing pliers have received two upgrades since their first release. The latest version features an extended handle for better grip and reduced hand fatigue. It also allows for one- and two-finger operation, unlike the previous version which you could only have used with one finger.

Outstanding Features:
These pliers enable you to remove hooks and grip fish mouths without exposing your fingers to razor-sharp teeth. Their blade is ultra-sharp to let you cut all types of fishing lines with seconds, and the jaws work incredibly for crimping. Also, while an aluminum handle keeps them lightweight, a stainless steel mouth protects them from rust.

Construction & Design:
These fishing pliers have their handle made of aluminum and the mouth of stainless steel. They feature a hollow-out design and machine-cut aluminum handles with contours to help your fingers wrap around them securely. Plus, they have a on the tip that makes it (almost) effortless to pull the deepest hooks.

The ZACX fishing pliers come as part of a toolset that includes 1 x fish lip griper, 1 x sheath and 1 x lanyard to help you clip the pliers to your belt.

3. Maybrun

maybrun Commercial Catfish Skinner

✅ Ribbed handle
✅ Stainless steel spring
✅ Chrome-steel construction

⛔ Doesn’t come with any accessory

Outstanding Features:
The Maybrun Commercial Catfish Skinner pliers are made for one thing: to help you pull the skin off of a catfish’s back. They have a wide-blade and ribbed, non-slip handles. One which won’t let your hands slip, even if they’re wet.
You can also rest easy with the knowledge that the pliers are Teflon coated. On the one end, it makes them a cinch to clean. On the other, the presence of Teflon will keep rust and corrosion a mile away from these catfish pliers.

Construction & Design
These catfish skinners are made of chrome-plated steel, though their spring is stainless steel. The presence of ribbed-rubber on the handle minimizes slippage while gripping. Their mouth opens just a hair over 3/8 of an inch, enough to catch and skin a catfish.

No accessories.

4. Piscifun

Piscifun Fishing Pliers

✅ Titanium-coated stainless steel jaws
✅ CNC-cut handles for lightweight feeling
✅ Fully replaceable tungsten carbide cutters

⛔ Pliers keep moving about inside the sheath

Evolution (What’s New?):
These are the 2nd generation Piscifun Fishing Pliers. Their split ring is stronger than that of the Gen 1 pliers to hold the ring more securely and spread it further. The jaws of the Gen 2, unlike their counterparts from Gen 1, are serrated loaded on the frame. This gives them more overall power.

Outstanding Features:
Most anglers know that removing anything from a split ring isn’t easy. These pliers built-in split-ring tip, however, makes the job a little easier. These lightweight pliers slip into slip rings effortlessly while their tip unhooks the ring, enabling you to twist your hook off of the ring within seconds.
The tungsten carbide cutters, while being fully replaceable, are strong enough to cut most braided lines, mono leaders, and fly lines out there. These pliers also have serrated jaws which, even with the split-ring tip, can remove hooks with ease.

Construction & Design:
These Fishing Pliers are made out of three materials. They have a CNC-cut, aircraft-grade aluminum handle, tungsten carbide cutters, and titanium-coated stainless steel jaws. All these materials are not only strong but are incredibly corrosion-resistant, too.

The Piscifun Fishing Pliers include a sheath and lanyard in their package. It seems to us that the sheath wasn’t designed keeping these pliers in mind. Had that been the case, the pliers wouldn’t move around (which they do) while tucked inside the sheath.


SAMSFX Aluminum Fishing Pliers

✅ Built-in opening/locking device
✅ Come with a split ring tip
✅ Molded sheath with belt clip
✅ Retractable lanyard for safe carrying

⛔ Pliers keep moving about inside the sheath

Outstanding Features:
Most fishing pliers you see on market lack a locking/unlocking device. These are different. They have a built-in finger lock which you can lock and unlock their handle with one finger. You also get a split ring tip to remove hooks from split rings and a braid line cutter is on offer, too.
These 4-in-1 fishing pliers also feature a fishing nipper and zinger retractor, using which you can tie knots, cut lines, sharpen hooks and clean jig eyes. Their replaceable tungsten carbide cutters are sharp enough to cut the hard braid fishing lines and you can also use them as a fish gripper.

Construction & Design:
The SAMSFX fishing pliers are made out of an aluminum handle and tungsten carbide cutters. They also feature titanium plating jaw tips to prevent the build-up of rust. Unfortunately, stainless steel, which is the number one enemy of corrosion, is nowhere to be seen.
On the flip side, their one thumb and finger design allows for better grip. You can easily lock or unlock the handle with your thumb. All you have to do is press the red button located right next to the area by which you’d be gripping these pliers.

You get a nylon sheath w/d-ring and a retractable coil lanyard alongside this model. The nylon sheath’s camouflage color might not be sun-resistant, but still won’t fade away anytime soon, thanks to its light texture.

6. Booms

Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

✅ Spring-loaded handles
✅ Sturdy steel wire coil lanyard
✅ Stainless steel and aluminum construction
✅ Manufacturer guarantees broken piece replacement

⛔ Do not close

Outstanding Features:
The Booms Fishing X1 are an incredibly affordable set of pliers. They have spring-loaded handles that you can open and close with one hand. Their long nose and a high-quality braided line cutter make them best for removing hook from deep within the mouths of fish and cutting hardened braided fishing lines.
Aside from that, the X1 boast a single-barrel crimping position. This makes the ideal set of pliers for crimping weights. Plus, their steel wire lanyard can hold more weight and the nylon holster keeps the pliers within an easier grip than any other lanyard and holster on this list.

Construction & Design:
These pliers are composed of an aluminum handle and stainless steel jaws. Despite this, they feel light and are comfortable to hold. These pliers have a long nose design to give you access deep within the mouths of toothy fish.

The Booms Fishing X1 come with a strong, steel lanyard that can put up with more weight than any of its counterparts on our list. A nylon holster and key-chain will also accompany these pliers to your doorstep.


XTOUC Fishing Pliers

✅ Lightweight construction
✅ Come with multiple accessories
✅ Extremely easy to grip

⛔ Not corrosion-proof
Outstanding Features:
The XTOUCH fishing pliers offer many amazing features. Most notable among them is their innovative light grip which makes them easy to maneuver, even with one hand. Aircraft-grade aluminum, the material the handle is made of, keeps rust and corrosion at bay.
Next comes their titanium alloy split ring. It might not be as rust-resistant as stainless steel, but still makes it easy for you to take any hook out from the fish depths. The same could be said about tungsten carbide cutters using which you can cut mono, braided and even fluorocarbon fishing lines.

Construction & Design:
The XTOUCH fishing pliers consist of an aircraft-grade handle, tungsten carbide cutters, and a titanium alloy split ring. The featured safety lock, however, is plastic. None of the materials are salt-proof, though, so you’d do well to keep these pliers away from saltwater environments.

These fishing pliers come with two accessories. They include a lanyard (to make sure you don’t end up losing them while out on the sea) and a custom-molded sheath (to help you store the pliers once they’ve served their purpose for the day).

8. Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak 4pc Fishing Tool Kit

✅ Safety guard to protect your fingers
✅ 360* retractable nylon cord
✅ Adjustable wrist strap

⛔ Not for saltwater

Outstanding Features:
The Mossy Oak fishing tool kit is one of the most expensive models in this article. It’s also one of the most useful. The items that populate this model’s kit – hook remover, carbide cutter, crimper, split ring head, crimper – are the reason why.
Start with the carbide cutter. You can use it to cut fishing lines or perform a variety of fishing tasks. Then comes the wire cutter. It is strong enough to easily take care of nylon fishing wire, iron wire, or carbon wire. Equally handy is the hook remover, whose name betrays its utility.
That we’re waxing lyrical about other items doesn’t mean not much is impressive about the pliers themselves. They have a rubberized grip to provide you with a firm grasp, a 12’’-long handle to prevent slipping and a safety-guard to keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

Construction & Design:
The Mossy Oak pliers feature a stainless steel tube and handle that keeps them from breaking down in saltwater. Keep in mind, though, that they have a short nose with a small reach. This means they might not help you with removing hooks from the mouths of flounders or goatfish.

The tool kit justifies its lofty asking price by throwing in a number of accessories. They include a safety guard to protect your fingers, a key chain to let you hook the pliers to something to prevent it from getting lost, and a 360* retractable nylon cord. You also get a fillet knife with sheath and a trigger-pull fish gripper.

9. KastKing Intimidator

KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers

✅ Tie very tight knots
✅ Durable Teflon coating
✅ Made from hardened steel
✅ Easy to grip even with wet hands

⛔ Do not come with lanyard or sheath

Outstanding Features:
The KastKing Intimidator fishing pliers give you the best bang for the buck. Despite being affordable, they come with a 9-inch long grip to keep your fingers away from the teeth of your catch while removing the hook. The serration on their jaw will give you a good grip, even on a wet hook.
A cutting-edge and built-in crimpers will let you slice through leaders and rigid fluorocarbon lines. There are holes in both sides of the handle to let you thread a lanyard through. Plus, with the built-in knot cinch hole, you just have to insert the hook into the hole and pull to create a snug knot.

Construction & Design:
Both the handle and the jaws of these pliers are made of hardened CV steel. The crimper cutters, made to cut 2mm thick, feature added Teflon coating. This protects them against rush and keeps them durable for freshwater environments.
As for their design, these pliers come in multiple variations. They include 5” straight nose, Accusplit 5’’, 7’’ bent nose, 7’’ straight nose, 9’’ straight nose, 7’’ straight nose with braid cutters, 7’’ split ring with braid cutters, and crimper cutters 6’’.

The KastKing Intimidator come with no sheath or lanyard. But the holes in their handle let you thread a lanyard through if you’re willing to purchase one from the market.

10. Sidomma

Sidomma Fishing Pliers

✅ One-year warranty
✅ Easily cut braided line
✅ Sheath and hook included
✅ Built-in locking mechanism

⛔ Gripper might be too small for large hands

Outstanding Features:
The Sidomma Fishing Pliers come with a long needle nose that helps you take treble hooks off of fish and let you stick them through the gills if you want to gut hook a fish. A built-in locking mechanism helps ensure their jaws stays shut, letting you safely carry these pliers in your pocket.
They also come with a high-grade braid cutter. Users have demonstrated the cutter of being able to cut through up to 6 layers of 40lb braided lines to show how high quality they are. Plus, a split-ring feature lets you change any hook within seconds.
What’s more, these pliers come as a set with some fish grippers. The fish grippers have a handle that you can operate with one finger. They also have a built-in scale to show you the amount of force/weight you’re putting them through.

Construction & Design:
The Sidomma fishing pliers are made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. Their CNC cut handle gives an incredibly light feeling and the long nose jaws let you stick them deep into your catch’s mouth, with the long handle protecting your fingers from serrated jaws.

These pliers come with a lanyard that you can clip to your built. An included nylon hook ensures you never lose them while you’re out on the boat.

11. Amoygoog

Amoygoog Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers

✅ Extremely affordable
✅ Anti-corrosion with lock
✅ Slip-free ergonomic handle
✅ Stainless steel construction

⛔ Tether is very cheaply constructed

Outstanding Features:
The Amoygoog fishing pliers are by far the most inexpensive model on our list. What makes matters even more surprising is that they don’t come alone. You also get a hook remover, fish gripper, weight crimper, and hook remover in the package.
Their spring-loaded handle keeps them open without any force. It also enables you to open/close the pliers with one hand. A small U-shaped hook lock plays the role of a built-in lock mechanism by keeping the pliers in a close-up state when you aren’t using them.
On top of everything else, there are very few chances of you losing these pliers. That’s because they come with a telescopic lanyard and sheath. You can thus safely hang them to your belt, waistband, rubber bibs, or life jacket.

Construction & Design:
Both the handle and the jaws are made of stainless steel. The needle-shaped jaws are of smaller length, which means you can only use these pliers for going after small-size fish. The handle, meanwhile, is wrapped with a rubberized material to ensure tight grasp.

Most fishing pliers you see on the market come with a sheath and telescopic lanyard. That is also the case with these pliers.

12. Oiiaee

Oiiaee Fishing Pliers

✅ Come with multiple tools
✅ Ergonomic handle
✅ Highly corrosion-resistant
✅ Have a long nose

⛔ The holder doesn’t have a clip to hook it to your pants

Outstanding Features:
The Oiiaee fishing pliers come with multiple tools. You can thus rely on them to remove bait, cut fishing lines, split rings, crimp leads, crimp sleeves and remove hooks. That’s not all. They’ll even come-in handy to rig split shots, cut braided wires, and trim a split ring.
Their two-colored handle might not be pleasing to the eye. But its foam covering and T-shaped construction makes it extremely easy to grip. Then come the fishing gears whose stainless steel and aluminum construction makes them highly corrosion-resistant.

Construction & Design:
These fishing pliers are composed of aircraft-grade aluminum material. The spring-loaded handles feature a foam covering and the jaws, while not being serrated, are long enough to let you remove hooks from deep within your catch’s mouth.

The Oiiaee fishing pliers come with a spring-wire rope that you can use to hook them to your waistband or belt. An oversized, black color sheath is a part of their package as well.

Fishing Plier Buying Guide

best fishing pliers
Nowadays, numerous fishing tools’ objective is to improve the experience of many anglers. A pair of fishing pliers is one of the most helpful fishing tools you can buy. While some fishermen pay only a little attention to them, people who know their importance and advantages wouldn’t dare play with them. A fishing plier is such an important fishing instrument that will definitely enhance your experience.

Factors to Consider When Buying Fishing Pliers

Buying a fishing plier is more than just buying a tool that will carry out the basic function of a plier – you actually need a lot more than that. If you are in the market for a new pair of fishing plier for your needs, below are some important factors you must consider.

  1. Material

    Generally, the quality of a pair of fishing pliers is usually determined by the material from which it is made.
    What you need is a type of plier that is capable of helping you to unhook the fishing line and release the catch from your hook, without being affected by corrosion or locking shut. New standard fishing pliers are produced using airport-grade aluminum alloys.
    Due to its rigidness and the fact that it doesn’t easily rust, aluminum is by far the best material for manufacturing fishing pliers.
    Moreover, the material is lightweight, making it simple to transport and utilize the fishing pliers. Majority of the top of the line models nowadays are produced using airport-grade aluminum.

  2. Line Cutters

    Apart from being very sharp, line cutters should also have a high-tensile strength. If you’re intending to cut fluorocarbon or monofilament, normal cutters may be enough for you. if you are, however, considering using lots of braids, you must have fine and sharp cutters. Hardened and sharpened cutters are usually perfect for professional anglers.

  3. Design and Length of the Nose

    For good reasons, needle nose pliers by a wide margin are the most common kind of pliers. The length and design of these pliers allow them to go much deeper into the angle to take the hook out. Apart from being highly effective pliers, needle nose pliers are also ideal for catching big fishes and salt-water fishing.
    Also, you can opt for split ring specialty fishing pliers. The kind of nose a plier is equipped with also determines the sort of job it can do. Split ring specialty pliers, for the use of the nose, are usually shorter than their saltwater counterparts.

  4. Soft Grip Handle

    The handle of the plier must be sufficiently comfortable to not make its usage painful when out fishing. On a good fishing day, you can wind up in a circumstance where you catch lots of fish, which means you get to utilize the fishing pliers a lot.
    And a lot of hook removal and cutting usually leads to pain, particularly when you have utilized it for a long time or if the plier’s handle is not sufficiently comfortable. Ensure the product you go for has comfortable, anti-slip handles.

  5. Number of Uses

    Fishing pliers are usually produced using a variety of materials, with every material being unique in its own way. You can select your fishing pliers depending on the options it offers you as a fisherman. Great fishing pliers usually have both two line cutters along with a side cutter.
    While ever fishing plier has the line cutter, only some come with a side cutter. Due to the sorts of tasks you will be using the liner cutter to tackle, it has to be sufficiently strong to cut fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided lines. It is with a sturdy side cutter that you’ll have the ability to cut steel wires or hooks.
    Several top of the line pliers come with replaceable cutters, which allow you to easily replace yours in the event of wear out.

  6. Handle Construction

    When shopping for the ideal pair of fishing pliers for your needs, you must think about the construction quality of the handles. The right type of pliers usually have ergonomic, non-slip handles for easy usage, particularly with slick hands.
    Moreover, consider purchasing spring-loaded pliers so that you will not need to be adjusting your grasp constantly.

Features of Saltwater Fishing Pliers

  • Side Cutters

    You will want a solid side cutter that will enable you to easily get rid of a hook’s shank should it get buried in your tool, or your flesh, in a worse scenario. Inexpensive fishing pliers can break when exposed to the severe pressure of cutting a hook, so you want high-end pliers to do this.

  • Nose Length

    Remember the length of the handle and nose for profound removals of hooks. This will mostly depend on the fish species you are going after. Salt-water pliers ought to be longer in length since you are usually dealing with toothier and larger fish.

  • Excellent Grip

    Fish slime, fishing lures, and water are all capable of making things slippery to grip. When you require your fishing pliers to release a catch, fumbling around is no fun. Pliers with shaped grip are firmer in the hands when they are needed the most.

  • Split Ring Instrument

    This feature is only a bonus, and it can be useful when you have to replace or change a triple hook on your lure. Without a split ring tool, you’re left to fumble around with only your fingernails to set up split rings.

  • Lanyard

    Normally, we consider a lanyard as a must-have for high-end fishing pliers, particularly if you are fishing on large bodies of water where the boat can be suddenly pitched by waves or from a kayak.

Components of Fishing Pliers

Now we will discuss the different components of a fishing plier that you must analyze before purchasing one:parts of fishing plier infographic

  • Line cutters

    If you are looking for a fishing plier to cut lines, then you must buy a model with a line cutter. This can be useful when you are looking for an ideal instrument to cut tag ends, leaders, or mainlines.
    The plier’s line cutters should have the ability to cut braided lines. Also, it should carry out heavy-duty cutting tasks where you have to slice heavy-duty lines or wires with no issues.
    Having a plier that has a line cutter can also be space-saving since you don’t have to put a separate cutter in your kit.

    The Material

    The material with which the cutter is made should be made up of rugged material.
    Also, the toughness makes sure that the blade remains sharp for long. Stainless steel or tungsten materials are usually the favorite choices of most anglers.
    In high-end fishing pliers, the cutters are separately positioned either at the lower part or at the top part of the jaws. Most experienced anglers prefer the cutter to be at the plier’s side to prevent its interference with the primary operation.

  • Grips

    Literally, a pair of pliers with a slippery handle is as good as useless. In fact, grips are probably one of the first things you must take into consideration before purchasing a pair of fishing pliers.
    Keep in mind always that fishing pliers do not handle you, you handle them instead, which means it’s always preferable to have an excellent handle. Since the handles typically make up a significant portion of the plier’s weight, most manufacturers use top of the line aluminum to ensure that the handles are strong and light.
    As regards the shape of the handles, they ought to have shaped grips along with a plastic or rubber cover. Whilst some people prefer additional cushioning, other people prefer going minimalistic. Remember that force is usually applied through the handles, which means your grip ought to be close to perfection.

  • Jaws

    Premium fishing pliers have jaws that provide great grip and diverse crimping sizes and dimensions. The jaws usually come in deep or shallow variations and offer the appropriate fit for different kinds of rings, wire, hooks, and more.
    Basically, these are shaped spots on the cutter’s inner side and are utilized for stretching, holding, unhooking and molding. Also, jaws are composed of premium materials. They are the components that endure the tool’s tougher functions and withstand maximum force.

  • Split rings

    Split rings are basically the nose of the jaws of your pliers. This part serves as a great addition to the tool as they usually come in handy if you are used to working with littler terminal tackle gears. They are usually important particularly when you’re intending to replace hooks or make your own blades and spinners.
    Most experienced anglers tend to prefer fishing pliers that have split rings. There are, however, great pliers in the market that lack split rings. Your final choice will depend totally on your personal preferences and requirements.

  • Lanyards

    Manufacturers who are responsible for the leading pliers in the market don’t usually focus on the tool’s operation only. They also consider the ease of carrying and portability of the plier so that it has longer longevity.
    With this in mind, most good fishing pliers come with lanyards. Lanyards are rubber or nylon ropes that aid the efficient carrying of the fishing pliers. You can consider as an attached keychain on your fishing pliers. The lanyard can be easily attached or hooked to your vest, bin, or clothes.
    Although lanyard is a non-compulsory addition, it’s very useful since it makes grabbing and storing your tool extremely easy. Besides, hooking up fishing pliers and keep them closer offers the convenient feeling that you’re never lacking in options whilst fishing.

  • Sheath

    A sheath also helps users to store the fishing pliers in a more efficient manner. Basically, a sheath is a holder for fishing pliers in which the tool can be stored and then kept safe while fishing.
    Since fishing pliers are usually made with razor-sharp edges, you could risk cutting your cloth or skin when inappropriately stored. A sheath helps protect unwanted scratches or cuts. You can easily attach the sheath to your belt for easy usage when the plier is needed.

How to Use Fishing Pliers

fishing plier reviews

If you’re looking to use your fishing pliers in the most effective way, our guide here will help you do just that.

The first step is opening the handle of the pliers to expose the jaw. You can easily do this by pressing the nose of the plier, which is usually found in the middle of the rings.

Holding the Pliers

Whilst resolutely holding the fishing plier, slip the old hood around its ring until the fishing plier appears from the end that is open. Keep in mind that you’re pushing the plier around to ensure that the split ring stays opened so that the hook will be able to pass through easily.

Now, open the plier’s split ring, slip the fresher hood appended to the open end. You will need to keep repeating this process until the hook clears the ring. When you’re through, take the fishing plier out from the ring to ensure that your bait is ready for angling with a newer hook. Whenever you detect a dull or damaged fishing hook, repeat this process.


  • What exactly are fishing pliers utilized for?
    While fishing pliers appear exactly like the regular pliers, they are designed especially for fishing.
    These pliers are utilized for removing hooks, lure, and baits, catching fish, setting slit rings up, cutting fishing lines, crimping, pulling, stripping, bending wires, and carrying out other functions based on the different features a certain pair of fishing pliers is equipped with.
    You can utilize your pair of fishing pliers to tighten hooks, grab lines, flatten hook barbs, and even get rid of a hook safely from your flesh in the event of an accident.
  • The pointy tip on fishing pliers is for what?
    The pointy tips usually seen on fishing pliers are extremely helpful. The tip is designed specifically to open split rings. It makes replacing and changing a hook quick and easy. You don’t need to struggle with opening and installing split rings with your fingernails, which can be frustrating and dangerous.
  • Why exactly do I require a pair of fishing pliers?
    If you are currently questioning whether you require a set of fishing pliers or not, we assure you that you are not alone. A lot of fishermen ignore this instrument and realize its usefulness when they face an issue but do not have the necessary tool to fix the problem.
    A set of fishing pliers is a crucial tool that you must ensure you include in your fishing kit. Without a good pair of fishing pliers, you will go through the frustration that comes along with being in short supply of gear, which can totally ruin your fishing experience which you might have otherwise enjoyed.
    Imagine this, you are out angling on a sunny day. It’s starting to be a quite successful trip until you catch the fish only to find out that you lack a tool to remove the hook, cut the line or even bend a hook in its place.
    In addition, a set of fishing pliers is useful in the event of an emergency like when a hook sinks into your flesh and you desperately need to remove it.

Now since you’ve found your pliers, check out our picks of the best fishing backpacks for anglers!

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As a modern angler, an excellent pair of fishing plier should always be in your kit, regardless of the type of fishing you are doing. It totally simplifies tasks that seem hard originally.

We are confident that after reading our fishing plier reviews, you will be questioning yourself and how you were doubting the need for a pair of fishing pliers. When you have one of the best fishing pliers in your kit, as a result, you will start having more productive and more enjoyable fishing trips.

And having comprehensively reviewed some of the leading choices on the market, we are confident that you can’t go wrong with any of the products we have recommended and reviewed. Just make sure you keep our tips in mind while shopping and we assure you that you will end up with a model that is perfect for your needs.

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