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10 Best Tackle Boxes of 2021

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Tackle boxes are a must-have item for your fishing trips. Apart from securing your fishing gear, they let you organize it for easy access. The best tackle boxes are also waterproof and rustproof, meaning you can count on them to shield your gear from external elements.
In this article, we’re going to look at the ten best tackle boxes for every angler. Whether you prefer a hard plastic case, a soft carry bag, or a rolling wheelie, our list will help you select the tackle box that is the perfect fit for your fishing requirements.

Tackle Boxes Comparison Chart

Our Picks
Best Overall Tackle Box
Best for Kayak Fishing
Best for Boating
Best Waterproof
Best for Organizing
Best Small Sized
Best for Beginners
Best Terminal Storage
Best Lure Box
Best Tackle Organizer
Plano 137401 By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box
Plano StowAway
View on Amazon
Flambeau Outdoors 455TKP Tuff Krate Premium
Flambeau Tuff Krate
View on Amazon
Plano Angled Tackle System
Plano Angled
View on Amazon
RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box
View on Amazon
Plano One, Two and Three Tray Tackle Box
Plano Classic
View on Amazon
KastKing Tackle Boxes
View on Amazon
Wakeman Outdoors Tackle Box
View on Amazon
Plano Edge 3600 Terminal Tackle Storage
Plano Edge
View on Amazon
Flambeau Outdoor tuff trainer
Flambeau Tuff Tainer
View on Amazon
Magreel Fishing Tackle Boxes
View on Amazon
Suitable forJig heads, water toppers and everything else in your bait collectionKayaking
Easy accessOver-sized jigs, larger swim baits, and bulkier crankbaits
Anglers who need plenty of storage room
Storing small-size tackle
Storing small-size fishing gear
All types of freshwater and saltwater tackle
Saltwater applications
Bait, Beads, nuts, screws and other small fishing tackle
What We LikeThe Plano 137401 offers multiple storage solutions for small and medium-size items. It also has translucent boxes to let you quickly access items when you’re in a hurry.The Flambeau Tuff Krate has rugged HDPE construction, offers enclosed lid compartments and has snap latches to keep inner contents from falling out in case of flipsThe Plano Angled Tackle System offers plenty of space without being too cumbersome. The clever positioning of its utility boxes at a 15-degree angle allows for easy access.The RUNCL Tackle Box is a waterproof storage solution for all your fishing gear, or anything else you decide to pack inside this model.The Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box offers multiple storage solutions to meet all types of storage needs.
The KastKing Tackle boxes are incredibly lightweight, have an uncomplicated design and offer removable dividers to let you customize their storage compartments as per your needs.The Wakeman Outdoors Tackle box offers 10 storage compartments, has multiple latches to secure the contents inside and offers a fishing kit in its package.The Plano Edge Series Tackle Box has a rugged build quality, gives you freedom to configure its compartments horizontally and vertically and protects its contents from rain.The Tuff Trainer 4007 offers two dozen storage compartments, is rust- and waterproof and is covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.The Magreel Fishing Tackle Boxes come with all dividers pre-installed and have a transparent design to let you recognize all the fishing tools at a quick glance.
ProsVersatile; sturdy construction; multiple storage options; transparentHands-free carrying; rugged construction; keep contents secureSee-through design; rugged built; multiple-size compartmentsWaterproof; let you organize stuff; UV-resistant; secure latchesDurable latch; offer easy access; compact storage; 34 compartmentsRemovable dividers; secure latches; water-resistant; translucentLightweight; come with useful extras; easy to carryConfigurable; heavy-duty; easy to work withRust-resistant; waterproof; two-dozen compartments; 1-year warrantyAffordable; pre-installed dividers; see-through
ConsNot watertightBiggest model is expensiveLack rubber feetTake time to openCan’t store heavier stuffHeavy tackle might tip it overSmall warranty periodHeavyNot enough dividers for all slotsNot heavy-duty
Number of Compartments4 traysUp to 23 utility boxes2 Packs62 Packs /4 Packs104-32243pcs 3600
Dimensions16.5 x 16 x 12"16.75 x 12.8x 15.26"18 x 9.5 x 11"14"x 8.65"x3.15"
16.25 x 9.13 x 8.5"10.8 x 7.25 x 1.65"12.75 x 7.25 x 5.514 x 9 x 1.88"1.75 x 7.25 x 1110.8 x 7.09 x 1.65"
MaterialBlendResinBlendBlendBlendPlasticPlasticPlasticPolypropylene plasticPlastic
WarrantyLimited lifetime1-yearLimited lifetime1-yearLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime30 daysLimifted lifetime1-yearN/A

4 Tips for Buying Tackle Boxes

  1. What type of tackle box should you get?
    There are two main types of tackle boxes: a hard plastic case and a soft fabric bag. Rigid plastic case tackle boxes come offer trays for added storage solutions. Their plastic exterior is often reinforced with resin to provide better protection for the tackle. And they are waterproof, too.
    Soft fabric bags weigh lighter than their hard plastic counterparts when empty. This makes them more portable. Their flexible fabric (offering more wiggle room to cram in extra gear) and external pockets and compartments make them the clear winner when it comes to storage.
  2. What size tackle box should you get?
    If your tackle collection is small, as with fly fishing, you could do with a small tackle box. But if you’re into deep-sea fishing with large lures and lots of tackle, you might want to go for something bigger, and depending on how heavy it gets, you might need a tackle box on wheels.
    If you’re yet to build your tackle collection, we suggest you go one size bigger than you think is ideal for you. Most anglers are surprised by how fast they collect gear, and chances are you’re one of them. We’d you rather deal with a half-filled tackle box than an overstuffed one.
  3. What is the tackle box made of?
    The type of material your tackle box is made of will decide its shelf life. If you’re opting for a hardshell tackle box, make sure it’s made of a sturdy plastic or metal material that is waterproof, rust-resistant, and built to withstand almost any condition.
    Likewise, if you’ve decided to purchase a softshell tackle box, its material should be tear-proof, waterproof, and must also boast a high denier rating. Denier is used to defining the thickness of fibers in the fabric. The higher the denier rating, the sturdier the fabric will be.
  4. What type of warranty does it offer?
    Pay special attention to the type and length of the warranty when shopping for a tackle box. Most reputable fishing or outdoor equipment manufacturers will provide their tackle boxes with some kind of warranty. Make sure your tackle box’s warranty covers all manufacturing defects as well as any immediate issues with your model following its first few uses.

Best Overall Tackle Box

1. Plano StowAway

Plano 137401 By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box

✅ Four interchangeable trays
✅ Has sturdy latches and a carrying handle
✅ Multiple storage pockets on the lid
✅ Translucent plastic boxes

⛔ Individual containers aren’t watertight

Outstanding Features:
The Plano StowAway tackle box offers multiple storage solutions. They include a top-access storage compartment for large-size tackle, four stow-away trays for medium-size gear and multiple pockets on the cover’s top for hooks and baits.
All the utility boxes are designed at a 15-degree angle for easy access. They are also translucent to let you quickly locate your equipment if you intend to find something in a hurry. Sturdy latches and handle provide added durability, and this model is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

Number of Storage Compartments:
The Plano offers five storage compartments. Four of them, all trays, contain distinct sections for holding small gear. The bigger section underneath the lid is for holding medium-size gear.

Construction and Design:
The Plano StowAway is made of hard plastic blend that can withstand any sort of impact. Keep in mind, though, that the individual containers on this model aren’t watertight. So you must be prepared to keep it out of the weather or risk your fishing equipment getting wet.

Best for Kayak Fishing

2. Flambeau Tuff Krate

Flambeau Outdoors 455TKP Tuff Krate Premium

✅ Comes with 2 rod holders
✅ Has rugged HDPE construction
✅ Built-in safety flag rings
✅ Snap latches keep contents from falling out

⛔ Premium model is pricey

Evolution (What’s New?):
The Flambeau Tuff Krate is available in two styles: Standard (455TK) and Premium (455TKP).
The Premium version offers various extras you won’t get with the Standard model. They include 2 rod holders to keep your fishing rods where you’d want them, an enclosed bulk gear storage lid compartment, and snap latches that keep the inner contents from spilling out in the event of flips.
Little wonder, then, that the Premium version costs almost 3x more. Though it further justifies its lofty price tag by offering an extra storage compartment. One that doubles this model’s storage space vis-à-vis its standard counterpart.

Outstanding Features:
The bottom portion of the Tuff Krate offers the same space as my Plano 137401. You could easily pack in there a double decker Plano box, a Flambeau like Quotient box, three 3700 boxes and still have room to spare for small-sized tackle.
Its top deck packs in a lot more stuff. You can dump all your soft plastics, as well as some scent spray, in there. This has eliminated the need for a separate worm bag that could hold plastics or a center latch. Plus, this model’s attachment points don’t protrude into it to restrict storage space.
The latch strength is incredible too. You can load it down with all your gear, grab the Tuff Krate from the handle and walk around with it without any worry. The latches will hold everything snug.

Number of Storage Compartments:
The Premium and Standard versions of this tackle box offer 2 and 1 storage compartments, respectively. But you can increase this number by using a divider (not included).

Construction and Design:
The Flambeau Tuff Krate is made out of rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Depending on whether you go for the Premium or the Standard version, you’d get 2 or 1 storage compartments, respectively. Both are secured by green-colored latches and feature vents to decrease the moisture inside.

Best for Boating

3. Plano Angled

Plano Angled Tackle System

✅ Has see-through lids
✅ Individual compartments for each type of tackle
✅ Angled utility boxes for easy access
✅ Sturdy carry handle and latches

⛔ Doesn’t come with rubber feet

Outstanding Features:
The Plano Angled tackle system comes with three utility boxes, each with separate sections for your swivels, hooks, sinkers and more. Its clever design positions all the boxes at 15-degree angle for easy and hassle-free access.
Other useful storage areas include two top compartments for soft baits and lures; a bulk storage section under the lid; and two side storage compartments for your line cutters, fishing line, and knife. All compartments have DuraView covers to let you see their contents at a glance.

Number of Storage Compartments:
Each of this tackle box’s three utility boxes offer multiple compartments to put your tackle. The size of the compartments make this tackle system ideal for a beginner angler.

Construction and Design:
The Plano Angled tackle system is constructed of hard-plastic, which isn’t surprising given that this model is affordably priced. Its 15-degree angled utility boxes allow for easy access, while the carry handle and the latches are impressively sturdy.

Best Waterproof


RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box

✅ Fully waterproof
✅ Has removable dividers
✅ Provide your tackle with sun protection
✅ Comes with secure-looking latches

⛔ Having to unclasp all 4 clasps every time might be inconvenient

Outstanding Features:
The RUNCL Tackle Box is one of the very few out there that come with a 360-degree waterproof gasket. It comes with removable dividers to let you neatly organize your stuff. The tackle box’s translucent appearance lets you see what is inside at a quick glance.
A thicker frame won’t let the brunt of any impact get to the gear stored inside. Three heavy-duty latches allow for one-handed operation while also keeping the tackle box from opening in case it flips. And thanks to its compact dimensions, it can easily fit inside a 3600 or 3700 size tackle bag.

Number of Storage Compartments:
This tackle box gives you all the compartments you need to hold plastic baits, terminal tackle, spools of thread, and just about any other small-size tackle. The reason we aren’t giving you an exact number of compartments is because the manufacturer hasn’t provided one.

Construction and Design:
The RUNCL Tackle Box’s frame, carry handle and latches are made of hard plastic. However, the lure is made of natural silica gel. Had it not been for this model’s 360-degree waterproof gasket, there wouldn’t be anything extraordinary about its construction or design.

Best for Organizing

5. Plano Classic

Plano One, Two and Three Tray Tackle Box

✅ Has a sturdy brass-bailed latch
✅ Cantilever tray for easy access
✅ Foldable handle for compact storage
✅ Offers as many as 34 adjustable compartments

⛔ Not good for the heavier stuff (will tip over otherwise)

Evolution (What’s New?):
The Plano Classic Tackle Box is available in three versions: One, Two, and Three.
All of them are separated by the number of adjustable compartments, cantilever trays, and price. The One, Two, and Three models offer 7–13, 14–25, and 22–34 adjustable compartments, respectively. It shouldn’t be surprising for you to note then that the Plano Three is the priciest of the three tackle boxes.
Furthermore, while the Plano Three has three cantilever trays, the two smaller-size models have two of them each. The addition of the tray, even though it’s accompanied by the addition of storage compartments, translates into bigger storage space per compartment for your tackle.

Outstanding Features:
All three Plano Tackle Boxes come with two top-access storage areas for your lures and hooks. They also have a brass latch to secure their contents. A plastic, collapsible handle makes them easy to carry, even for the young anglers among you.
The top tray in the largest tackle box has six compartments. Four are of the same size (4 ¼’’ x 1 ¾’’), one is larger (4 ¼’’ x 5 ¼’’) and the remaining is thinner (13 ½’’ x 1 ¾’’). All of them are about 1 ¼’’ deep and can easily store equal-size tackle.
The middle and the lowest trays, meanwhile, have eight and four compartments respectively. You also get movable dividers to neatly organize your stuff. All in all, the largest tackle box of the three models could give you all the space you need.

Number of Storage Compartments:
The One Tray offers 7 – 13 compartments, Two Tray packs in 14 – 25 sections, and the Three Tray model provides you with 22 – 34 adjustable slots, respectively.

Construction and Design:
All three of the Plano Classic Tackle Boxes are made of hard plastic. They also share a briefcase-type design with a secure brass latch and foldable, plastic carry handle.

Best Small Sized

6. KastKing

KastKing Tackle Boxes

✅ Come with removable dividers
✅ Secure and sturdy latches
✅ Water-resistant construction
✅ Transparent design

⛔ Not the best choice for storing heavy tackle

Outstanding Features:
The KastKing tackle boxes are designed to store smaller items. Constructed of plastic, they have the ability to carry plastic baits, terminal tackle, spools of thread and just about any other small tackle. Their translucent construction lets you see everything inside without having to unlatch the lid.
These boxes come with pre-cut dividers to let you customize their storage compartments according to your needs. Precision-machined latches have what it takes to secure your tackle, and the durable molded hinge looks and feels sturdy and long lasting.

Number of Storage Compartments:
The KastKing Tackle Boxes are available in two sizes: 3600 and 3700. The 3600 size offers 3 – 18 adjustable compartments while the 3700 size comes with 4 – 24 customizable sections.

Construction and Design:
These tackle boxes are made of BPA-free plastic. Similar is the case with their latches and the hinge. Their design isn’t complicated – it’s purely rounded, from the boxes’ corners to the bases of their storage compartments.

Best for Beginners

7. Wakeman Outdoors

Wakeman Outdoors Tackle Box

✅ Ten storage compartments
✅ Multiple latches to secure its contents
✅ Lightweight and easy to carry
✅ Comes with a fishing kit

⛔ Only 30-days warranty

Outstanding Features:
The Wakeman Outdoors tackle box comes with three storage layers. The upper layer, located just underneath the transparent lid, has separate compartments. These small-size sections offer enough space to load the box with nuts, bolts, beads, wires, and similar small tackle.
Beneath it are two trays. The middle tray comes with a built-in divider and is capable of holding baits, pliers, and similar stuff. The bottom tray doesn’t have a divider and can therefore hold medium-size tackle with ease. Together, both the trays offer enough space to store most of your gear.
This tackle box also delivers fishing essentials in its kit. They include snelled, standard and jig hood hooks, plastic fishing lures, and vertical pole float. You also get a line clipper, fishing line, hook removal tool, and more items in the package.

Number of Storage Compartments:
Even without a divider, this tackle box offers 10 storage compartments. Which are more than enough to store small-to-medium-size tackle.

Construction and Design:
This tackle box’s competitive asking price should have betrayed that everything from its foldable handle to the base is made of plastic. Fortunately, the four feet steadying it on uneven surfaces are made of rubber.

Best Terminal Storage

8. Plano Edge 3600 Terminal

Plano Edge 3600 Terminal Tackle Storage

✅ Gives you freedom to configure
✅ Has rugged build quality
✅ One-handed latch operation
✅ Individually sealed weight containers

⛔ Weighs heavy

Evolution (What’s New?):
Released in 2019, the Plano EDGE series laid a marker with its plastic composite frame, polycarbonate lid and steel pin hinges. Other features that distinguish this series’ tackle boxes from those that come before include a FLEX divider system, waterproof seal with Dri-Loc O-ring seal, and an EZ-label system.
Another area where the new EDGE Series has improved is the design of the tackle box. Its models give anglers an adaptable layout to add hard-to-store lures including jigs and plastics, as well as the entire range of terminal tackle (gear that’s attached to the fishing line’s end).

Outstanding Features:
This tackle box can carry all types of saltwater and freshwater tackle. Boxes like the Jig and Crankbait boxes feature brand new inserts that stow these baits quickly, secure them in place, and even aid them in dying. The EDGE FLEX Series boxes, meanwhile, offer both horizontal and vertical configuration.
Their one-handed latch applies enough pressure for the Dri-Loc rubber seal to create a water-tight barrier and shield the contents from water splashes and rain. Heavy-duty stainless steel pins support the hinges on both the rear and latch sides, making the opening/closing smoother and eliminating flex.
The polycarbonate lid won’t change its color over time and is more durable than any other Plano box to date. Even the dividers, which are vented, are rigid and thicker than standard dividers. All of this results in increased weight, which shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using this tackle box on watercraft.

Number of Storage Compartments:
With the help of included dividers, you can create 4 to 32 storage compartments inside this box. However, if you want maximum storage, we recommend using none of the dividers.

Construction and Design:
Plano EDGE tackle box features a plastic composite frame, polycarbonate lid and stainless steel pin hinges. Its latch extends the entire length of the tackle box, allowing for easy one-handed opening. The design is user-friendly and once you get to know how the hinge hooks to the box’s lower portion, you can easily open or close the box, even with gloves on, or when you aren’t looking directly at the latch.

Best Lure Box

9. Flambeau Tuff Tainer

Flambeau Outdoor tuff trainer

✅ Inhibits rust for 5 years
✅ Waterproof construction
✅ 24 storage compartments
✅ 1-year warranty

⛔ Doesn’t provide enough dividers to fill in all the separator slots

Outstanding Features:
The Flambeau Tuff Trainer comes with 12 adjustable dividers that help you create up to two dozen different compartments to store your tackle. It has infused a non-toxic corrosion-inhibiting vapor (CIV) into the dividers to stop the metal from rusting in extreme marine environments. The manufacturer states that the CIV can resist rust and corrosion for half a decade.
Its lids lock super-tight to prevent water from seeping in, making this tackle box waterproof. Handles on both sides help distribute the box’s weight evenly on both hands, making it easy to carry, even when full. Plus, it’s covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Construction and Design:
The Tuff Trainer 4007 is constructed of polypropylene. It features an easy identification design thanks to its transparent plastic lid and base. Two handles on both sides allow for easy carrying (even when full), though the lack of rubber feat means it won’t stay steady on uneven surfaces.

Number of Storage Compartments:
You get up to 24 storage compartments with the Flambeau Tuff Trainer. Take all the dividers out, and you’d still have 12 sections to store your tackle.

Best Tackle Organizer

10. Magreel

Magreel Fishing Tackle Boxes

✅ Are affordably priced
✅ Come with pre-installed dividers
✅ Made of durable PP plastic
✅ Have a transparent design

⛔ Aren’t overly rugged

Outstanding Features:
The Magreel Fishing tackle boxes are fully waterproof. You can count on them to keep their contents safe from moisture, splashes, and even rain. Two secure latches snap in place to keep your gear from falling out, even when the box is accidentally knocked over.
The latches at the back look secure enough to keep on offering seamless opening and closing for years. All dividers that are part of this model’s kit come pre-installed. This means you can start loading this model with your gear right out of the box.

Number of Storage Compartments:
This tackle box originally has 18 storage compartments, though you can increase their number to 24 by letting the pre-installed dividers in place.

Construction and Design:
The Magreel Fishing tackle boxes are made of polypropylene plastic. Sure, it isn’t as sturdy as some of the composite materials we saw above. But it isn’t as flimsy as your average plastic, either. As for their design, it’s fully transparent to let you view all the stored gear at a quick glance.

What is a Fishing Tackle Box?

We have all seen the photos and videos of a guy fishing with a hat and a vest that is loaded with hooks and lures. It may look funny but that’s exactly what avid anglers used to wear in order to keep their fishing tackle close at hand. Thankfully those days are long gone now that there is such a large variety of tackle boxes available. They make it very easy to carry your fishing support gear and everything you need to rig your line for a day or night spent fishing.


So what exactly is a fishing tackle box? You may want to think of it as a tackle box for fishermen. Outside of a rod, reel, and fishing know-how, it’s perhaps the other most important fishing accessory. Items anglers typically carry in a fishing tackle box include such things as lures, sinkers, artificial baits, extra line, and even Band-Aids. Now there is no more loading of lures and selecting the rigging items you need for a fishing trip, you simply grab your tackle box and are ready to go.

The key component of any tackle box is its many storage compartments. They help fishermen to be able to quickly find and change the lures or baits that are at the end of their lines and stay organized while doing it. At first, tackle boxes were all made of hard plastic but even that has changed. Now you will find them with soft sides too. That makes them more like an easy-to-carry a piece of shoulder luggage than you would expect a normal fishing tackle box to be.

Tackle boxes are not only used by fishermen either. Many purchase them to make into handy first-aid kits and they also make excellent storage boxes for craft parts and other things such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Tackle Box

Here are some of the main characteristics of tackle boxes to consider when you are looking to buy a new one.

  1. Size/Number of Compartments
    Of course one of the most important things you have to decide when shopping for a new fishing tackle box is how big you want your new tackle box to be. This is not as easy as it seems because they are literally hundreds of different size tackle boxes available in the fishing gear marketplace today. This speaks to the popularity of the sport in the USA and all over the world.When you are deciding on the size of the fishing tackle box you mainly go by your own fishing habits and situation. You will have to factor in such things as if you will only keep your new tackle box on your fishing boat or will you use it in many different places for many different types of fishing. Larger tackle boxes work great for keeping a lot of fishing gear organized that tends to stay in one place. Smaller tackle boxes are best in situations where portability is more important than the amount of fishing gear carried.Also, the number of compartments you wish your new tackle box to have goes hand in hand with its size. So consider how many items you typically want to carry with you on most of your fishing excursions.
  2. Type
    Here are the two main types of fishing tackle boxes that are widely popular today. There are slight differences between them but you really can’t go wrong purchasing either type of tackle box. Personal preference plays a big role here in deciding which type to buy.

    • Hard-sided
      When hard-sided tackle boxes first came into the marketplace they changed the entire sport of fishing. Now anglers had the perfect way to carry their fishing gear, keep it organized, and have easy access to it when fishing. They not only kept one’s fishing gear organized, but they also kept it from getting damaged as it was being taken from place to place.
    • Soft-sided
      When many think of fishing tackle boxes, they typically get a picture in their mind of a hardened plastic tackle box. While many still are made that way, you can now also by soft-sided tackle boxes too. These are usually worn over the shoulder and some are even worn like backpacks. They are much more portable and easy to carry than their rigid-sided counterparts.

    We will talk in more detail about soft vs. hard-sided tackle boxes later on in this article.

  3. Access
    How you access your lures, artificial baits, and other gear in your tackle box is important to consider too. These are the three main types of access that a majority of tackle boxes offer.

    • Top
      Top access tackle boxes dominate the marketplace. These are built so the lid opens up and exposes the compartments inside of them. Many times there are even small compartments built right into the lid itself too. They come in all different sizes.
    • Side
      These types of tackle boxes have no lid. They have one or two sides that are see-through in nature. You simply face the side up that you want to select your fishing gear from. These are usually smaller and lighter-weight tackle boxes.
    • Combination
      Tackle boxes like these are getting more and more popular today. They not only offer top access but usually have side access with pullout or removable trays too. These types of tackle boxes are usually larger and heavier because of the large amount of fishing gear they hold.
      Once again much of your decision making here comes down to personal preference.
  4. Weight
    If portability is a concern you will definitely want to consider the weight of any tackle box you are thinking about buying. Obviously, the lighter the tackle box the easier on you that tackle box will be to transport. This is not much of a factor if your tackle box will remain in one place all of the time. Most every style of tackle box lists its weight on the packaging. You can also get this information from the manufacturer’s website if shopping online.
  5. Type of compartments
    Here are the different types of compartment options you will find on modern tackle boxes.

    • Pullout
      There has been a big trend these days toward tackle boxes that have been built with pullout compartments. These allow for easy side access and are often combined with tackle boxes that offer top access too.
    • Removable trays
      These are like having mini tackle boxes that are placed into a larger tackle box for ease of carrying. They offer a lot of convenience and versatility.
    • Top lid accessory compartment
      What’s the easiest way to quickly change lures and baits when fishing? It’s to have a fishing tackle box that has see-through compartments built into its lid.
    • Cantilever
      These are the original type of tackle boxes that are still very popular today. Once you open the lid all of the hinged together storage trays rise and spread out for easy access.
    • Customizable
      Many people want to organize their fishing tackle box to suit their individual needs. If that’s you too, then you will want one where you can add and remove sections to change their sizes.
  6. Latching system
    Whether you are talking about zippers or flip-up latches you will want your tackle box to stay securely shut when you are transporting it. Such things as metal zippers and latches with brass bails will often last longer and close more securely than their all plastic counterparts.
  7. Warranty
    Fishing tackle box can be bought for less than $10 or they can go for several hundred dollars. If you own one of the more expensive types of tackle boxes a good warranty becomes even more important. So when shopping for a new tackle box, consider how long the warranty is that comes with it and exactly what parts of the tackle box it covers.


Hard vs. Soft Tackle Boxes

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each main type of fishing tackle box. Keep in mind there really is no bad choice here. Both will help you carry and keep your fishing gear very organized.
Soft-Sided Tackle Box (also known as a tackle bag)
As was mentioned, no longer are all tackle boxes made out of hard plastic anymore. Some are now made out of materials similar to backpacks and duffel bags. They offer the ultimate in easy carrying style tackle boxes. The best tackle bag products are just as popular as hard-sided tackle boxes these days. Our extensive guide on fishing backpacks will even tell you how to find these easy to transport soft-sided tackle boxes.


  • These are usually very easy to carry as they are usually worn over the shoulder.
  • Being lightweight and extremely portable is one of the biggest advantages you get with soft-sided tackle boxes.
  • Soft-sided tackle boxes are great when you are taking airplanes, ships or other forms of mass transportation to your fishing destination. That’ because they are built very much like typical carry-on luggage.
  • Usually, these are highly water-resistant and totally enclosed to protect gear.
  • Larger soft-sided tackle boxes enable you to carry much fishing tackle very comfortably.
  • Because of their softer sides, this type of tackle box is easier to pack into tight spaces.


  • Soft-sided bags offer slower access to fishing gear. That’s because their compartments are fully enclosed and have to be unzipped to get the gear out.
  • Can be cut or damaged slightly easier than hard-sided tackle boxes.
  • These offer very few options as far as customization is concerned. That’s because they usually are made up of several mini tackle boxes inside of them instead of having compartments.
  • Soft-sided tackle boxes do not allow air to get to the gear. This could make some artificial baits and worms too soft to use on hot days.

Hard-Sided Tackle Box
These rigid-sided tackle boxes have been the mainstay for fishermen for many decades now. Over that time there has been many variations and helpful innovations built into them. Although soft-sided tackle bags are catching up to them, these still remain by far the most popular type of tackle boxes made.


  • There is a huge selection of types and sizes available. Everyone should be able to find one that fits their needs and budget.
  • This style tackle box offers fast access to your fishing gear. Many of the compartments on them are see-through to enable you to locate items in them quickly. Some even have easy access compartments built right into their lids.
  • Their sturdy exterior construction offers very good damage protection for their contents
  • Many times the compartments in hard-sided tackle boxes are customizable. That means you can adjust your compartment sizes according to personal preference.


  • These can be very bulky and hard to carry. Larger size ones can be very heavy to carry when fully loaded.
  • They can sometimes be hard to pack because they offer no flexibility.
  • Hard-sided tackle boxes are not really suitable for travel on airplanes and other types of mass transportation. Baggage handlers are not known for handling this type of equipment with care.

Plano Vs Flambeau Tackle Box

These are two very popular names when it comes to fishing tackle boxes. Which one is better or offers you the most? That totally depends on what you are looking for in your new tackle box.

Here is a quick overview of these popular fishing tackle box brands:

  • Flambeau
    This is definitely one of the most budget-friendly brands of fishing tackle boxes you will find in the fishing marketplace. Don’t mistake that for meaning these are not good tackle boxes. Despite their lower cost, they are still built well and designed with great space utilization and many well-placed compartments. Most of their tackle box models are lightweight and portable too.
  • Plano
    Plano Moldings has been manufacturing fishing tackle boxes for many decades now. They have been a leader and innovator in tackle box manufacturing during that time. Their tackle box products have some of the highest quality ratings and the price of them reflect that also. The company makes a wide variety of tackle boxes to choose from. That makes it easy for anglers to find a type of tackle box that suits them perfectly.

What You Should Have In Your Tackle Box?

Are you a novice fisherperson who is just starting to gear up and enjoy your new hobby? If so, you may be wondering what most anglers keep in their fishing tackle boxes. Here is a list of the most commonly found items in any fishing tackle box setup.

  • Lures
  • Hooks
  • Rubber worms/Artificial baits
  • Split shot/Sinkers
  • Extra line
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors/Nail clippers
  • Bobbers
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Filet knife

Keep in mind this is not a rigid list that will satisfy everyone. Personal preference plays a big part in what goes into any tackle box.

What Should Be In A Bass Tackle Box?

Are you one of those anglers that prefer to go after bass? And why not, these are fish that put up a great fight for their size and make a tasty meal if you catch ones that are big enough to keep. Here is what you will need in your tackle box to help you catch these crafty fish. Keep in mind that bass seems to switch from preferring live bait to hitting on lures and artificial baits at different times of the year. A well-stocked bass fishing tackle box and some experimentation are usually the key factors here.

  • Artificial Worms/Finesse Worms
  • Jigs
  • Square Bills
  • Jerkbait
  • Spinner Baits
  • Deep Diving Crankbaits
  • Artificial Frogs
  • Topwater Walking Bait
  • Lipless Crankbaits
  • Don’t forget the other essentials too. This includes extra line, needle-nose pliers (bass frequently swallow hooks), small first-aid kit, clippers, and a filet knife.

*** Hot Tip – If you are not sure what bass are hitting on in an area at the current time ask a local bait shop owner. They make it their business to know what types of lures and baits fishermen are currently having success with. ***


Here are some of the most often asked questions we get regarding fishing tackle box management.

  1. Question: What’s an easy way to find newer artificial baits and lures that have come into the marketplace to put in my tackle box?
    Answer: I am happy you asked this question because keeping up with new and improved lures and artificial bates is hard. Here is what I can suggest to you. Many bait suppliers and other fishing tackle suppliers are now offering subscriptions to get newer fishing products. These subscriptions have fancy names like ‘Mystery Tackle Box’ and Outsiders Tackle Box’. The subscriptions are usually very low cost and will get you new lures and baits to try each month. Many of my friends enjoy these subscriptions very much and catch some good size fish with these products too.
  2. Question: Is it better to have pullout compartments in a large size tackle box or totally removable ones?
    Answer: This would be totally personal preference with a few possible exceptions. If you use your tackle box to go after a wide variety of fish, then use totally removable compartments because they act as mini tackle boxes. Pull-out compartments offer quicker access and more convenience. If you are having trouble deciding you may even want to go with a combination tackle box that has both. That way you get the best of both worlds.
  3. Question: Which is more waterproof; a tackle box or tackle bag?
    Answer: Here you can basically go with a coin flip depending on the quality of the tackle box or soft-sided tackle box that you purchased.
    Just because a rigid-sided tackle box is made of plastic does not mean water will not get inside to the contents and start to corrode them. The quality of the latch and the seal between the lid and the box are very important here. A manufacturer will usually state how water-resistant their particular tackle boxes are.
    The same goes for tackle carry bags. Some of the higher-quality ones are made with waterproof materials and tightly sewn zippers on their compartments. That usually only makes these soft-sided tackle boxes water-resistant and not totally waterproof. Lower quality tackle bags may allow water to pass right through the material.
    We find it hard to believe that any tackle box or tackle bag can claim to be totally waterproof.

Don’t forget to check out our roundup of the high-quality fishing rod reviews.

Wrap Up

Without a doubt, the best tackle box will help you stay organized while fishing and provide you with different options for fishing success and enjoyment. Just remember there are many different types of tackle boxes available in the fishing marketplace. Keep in mind that it’s very important to factor in what type of tackle you want to carry on your fishing trips and how portable you need your tackle box to be when carrying this gear.

Our buying guide in this article will definitely help you out there. So make sure you look it over and use the advice there while shopping. With our tackle box reviews, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you as far as finding a good tackle box goes. Any of them would make a great purchase if one of them fits your size requirements. Put all of our advice here together and you should have no problems finding the perfect fishing tackle box for your needs.

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