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Piscifun Phantom Review – (Light Weigh Body & Low Profile)

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Piscifun-NEW-Phantom-Carbon-Baitcasting-Reel-1Although there are many baitcasting reels in the market, consumers still get difficulties when making choices. This is because manufacturers have been able to come up with different tools, which fulfill the needs of various consumers differently.

As such, most consumers will want tools that are all around. Piscifun’s Phantom Carbon Reel is a new product which seeks to satisfy the needs of the beginner as well as the bass angler. It is a lightweight device that comes with numerous features that make it an extremely powerful tool. This article focuses on the Phantom Carbon with regards to its features, pros, and cons.

Features and Pros

  • Ergonomic Design and Flexibility

    The Phantom Carbon has a weight of 5.70 ounces. This is quite light and will ensure that you do not experience any fatigue as you go on with your activities. Besides, it comes with a neoprene reel cover in the box which is quite unique. It might be smaller than most baitcasting reels, but since it is hollow and has a rather strong spool, it is able to perform optimally. Its lightweight can be attributed to the premium carbon frame, handle and side plates which ensures that the device is sturdy.

    The overall design also ensures that the weight is equally distributed and this contributes to a smoother performance. Besides, the main gear and shaft of the device are made superior by the use of an aircraft level anodized aluminum alloy. Both the main gear and the shaft contribute to a more consistent performance while also ensuring that the device lasts for long. In the device is also a combat grip pad. Its functionality is to increase the comfortability of the user which gives them more control.

  • High Level of Performance

    The Phantom Carbon Reel comes with a 7:0:1 gear ratio. This is quite powerful as it is able to provide accurate casting even in long distances. The manufacturer was also able to include a 6 anti-corrosion ball bearing system and 1 clutch bearing which act as a shield that expands the durability of the device. The phantom is also fitted with a centrifugal braking system which makes it beat others in this range.

    A magnetic brake exists in addition, and this helps anglers explicitly with the ready adjustments. There is also a rugged carbon fiber drag system that is able to reel up to 17 lbs of power while at the same time ensuring that the operation is smooth. The device is also able to give constant drag pressure.

    The hollow spool that exists in this device has been labeled Duralumin Spool.
    It is unique in the sense that when in comparison with other spools, this one starts and accelerates at a faster rate. It is, therefore, able to handle lines that are light and at the same time lures without the compromise of performance or power. To further work on the performance of this device, Piscifun made use of the oversized titanium line guide. This is carefully positioned away from the spool so as to minimize the level of friction. In turn, it leads to better casting performance.

  • Ease of Use

    The manufacturer was able to include a 105 mm carbon crank that is extended. This gives the anglers the power that is needed to pull out big game from the water.

From the above, it is evident that the Phantom Carbon Reel is a beast when it comes to performance. It is fitted with numerous features that are advantageous to the consumer. These include an ergonomic design, a unique gear system as well as a high degree of flexibility. Besides, Piscifun also included a one-year warranty on their product which makes it mo0re desirable. However, there are a few cons that are highlighted in the next section.


  • Noisy

    Numerous anglers have stated that this device produces a high level of noise as compared to others in the price range. However, it is ideal to note that this can be dealt with easily. You could simply use protective gear such as ear muffs as you go on with your business. Moreover, it performs well, and this is the center of focus for many anglers.

  • Difficult with First Timers

    While Piscifun includes a detailed manual for you to read, many beginners will cite issues during their first few operations. This is expected, and it gets better with time. To avoid first-time difficulties, ensure that you read the manual and practice enough. It will ensure that you experience less fatigue and that the performance is as advertised.


It is clear that the Phantom Carbon baitcasting reel is a powerful device that rules its niche. It has unique features that translate to its performance. With the fact that it is made for both the beginner and the professional angler, make sure you get it on your next purchase.

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