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Shimano CURADO DC Review – LowProfile Freshwater Reel

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Shimano-CURADO-DC-Freshwater-Baitcasting-ReelThe Curado DC casting reel from Shimano is the most advanced product ever produced by the company. It is designed and crafted on a platform of dependability, versatility as well as durability. These are virtues that the Curado name has been known for over the years.
The Curado DC comes with Shimano’s state-of-the-art DC (Digital Control) Braking System. This unique braking technology makes use of a sealed microcomputer that analyzes the speed of the spool up to 1,000 times per second. Then it applies the specific braking system to not only achieve maximum casting distance but also to prevent backlash.
Anglers – from beginners to pros alike will be thankful as they will enjoy trouble-free casting and less thumbing no matter the condition of the weather or environment.

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  • Cross Carbon Drag

    This is a drag material that provides a convenient and wide range of selection of drag settings. It delivers the smoothest Curado drag performance ever.

  • High Cast Rating

    The high cast rating along with high crank rating provides several lightning speed options. This makes the Shimano Curado DC Reel the perfect tool that answers to any angler’s pressure demands of tournament angling.

  • Micro Module Gearing Technology

    This product is also equipped with advanced or high-tech gear design that utilizes smaller gear teeth. This results in much seamless retrieve and a more efficient gear train. It also shows that there are more contact points between the pinion gear and the drive gear.
    The outcome is a gear train that is highly efficient but with less gear feel. Talk about reliability meeting smoothness and inflexible strength!

  • HAGANE Forged Body

    The Curado DC comes with a metal reel body furnished with high rigidity. Consequently, body flexing is practically eliminated as a result of its impact resistance and body stiffness. This efficiently transforms into more cranking power on the part of the angler’s actions.
    All gears are protected, thus allowing them to function extensively at peak spec, irrespective of the pressure. The entire HAGANE ensemble personifies efficiency via strength.

  • X-Ship Gearing Technology

    Bearings reinforce the pinion gear on both ends, thereby enabling the latter to remain in accurate alignment with the drive gear. The pinion gear doesn’t budge even under hefty loads.
    This results in the elimination of friction between the gear and the spool shaft. The casting performance of the reel will be boosted with lighter lures, thus allowing for longer casts.
    This, therefore, translates to enhanced gear durability as well as better casting performance.

  • Digital Control Feature

    You may be a little skeptical about this unusual feature because many other products on the market today claim to possess superior braking systems while minimizing backlashing.
    However, this product proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it does what it is designed to do. It is an incredibly quick and smooth reel, despite the mild annoyance you may – or may not – feel due to the sound of the braking system.
    So, if you are punching through cover, pitching docks or making a long cast with or against the wind, this is the reel to go for.

  • IDC-4 Technology

    The Intelligent Digital Control technology is user-friendly, and the braking features utilize a 4-setting external dial which can be adjusted easily on the water. These adjustments will provide the best braking options as lures and conditions change.
    All occurrences of backlash will be effectively eliminated, no matter the condition. The 4-external settings are suitable for refining to cast demands. Beginner or veteran anglers alike will be able to fish a wide range of lures, no matter the condition while the reel is minimally adjusted.

  • SA-RB or Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings

    The 6+1 Shielded Anti-Rust Bearing guarantees your Shimano Curado DC will withstand harsh saltwater conditions.


  • Price point

    This product comes with a relatively hefty price tag. Not every newbie angler may be able to shell out that amount of money for a fishing reel. So, it is safe to state that this reel is definitely not for people with low budgets.

  • Wind

    This product does not play well in areas where the wind is not an issue. Despite being a great reel, the Curado DC can only be seen at its optimum when used in windy locations during fishing voyages.

  • Learning curve

    Some anglers that flick in their casting technique found that this accelerates the speed of the spool at the end of the cast. This has resulted in terrible backlashes and many headaches.
    This means the speed in casting must be consistent, or the reel goes haywire.

Here are a few important things to consider when you’re choosing a baitcasting reel to ensure you get the right one!

Wrap Up

The Shimano Curado DC Reel is touted as the “future of Baitcaster fishing.” The unified integration of state-of-the-art microcomputers does not take anything from the angler’s skill.
However, it obliterates an unwanted, long-standing Baitcaster inconvenience. The product is also ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
Therefore, get the Shimano Curado DC Reel today!

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