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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Review – SPINNING / HAGANE Gear

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Shimano-Stradic-Ci4+-4000-XG-FB-Spinning-Fishing-Reel-1The Shimano Stradic line of fishing reels is immensely popular among newbie and pro anglers alike. Shimano Stradic Ci4 spinning fishing reel was introduced into the market in April 2016 with only a few upgrades over its precursor.
The most important addition to the product is the X-Ship technology which comes with a double-bearing supported pinion gear. The entire ensemble brings about a smooth retrieve, especially if the user is cranking under weighty loads.


  • G Free Body

    Shimano aims to create products that will enhance the experience of anglers on all fronts. This is one of the primary reasons why the entire center of mass of this particular product has been moved a bit closer to the rod. Such a displacement is targeted at enhancing the balance as well as the weight in any angler’s hands.
    Anglers who have purchased and used this product for a considerable length of time report that there was nothing called forearm fatigue when using the reel.

  • Magnumlite Rotor

    The Stradic Ci4 fishing reel is smooth to use, and this is attributed to the brand-new Magnumlite (MGL) rotor. The MGL is about 22 percent lighter than its predecessors and also produces 22 percent less inertia when compared to previous models as well.

  • Resilient Ci4+

    The carbon body of this product makes it almost weightless, and this is quite remarkable because only its more expensive predecessors possess this unique quality.

  • CoreProtect

    Shimano took its time to integrate the CoreProtect design in this product because of how delicate the internal elements of this fishing reel are. These components require adequate protection not only from water but also from dust and sand.
    There is no doubt that this feature will help in prolonging the life span and performance of this fishing reel, implying that you will enjoy its use for a very long time.

  • Aluminum Spool

    Cold-forged aluminum spool provides increased strength over graphite or aluminum spools.

  • X-Ship Pinion Gear

    The X-Ship feature comes as a combination of elements that work conjointly for greater efficiency. A lot more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor by the positioning of the pinion gear not far off the center line of the large diameter drive gear.
    The pinion gear itself is also reinforced by a couple of Shimano A-RB roller bearings. These help to not only reduce pinion gear rotor deflection, especially in extreme conditions but also to increase stability.

  • Protected Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

    Reels from Shimano are renowned for their smoothness, and this is what users will also experience with the Stradic Ci4, thanks to six protected stainless steel ball bearings.
    These ball bearings are virtually the same as the regular or standard ARB bearings. The only exception, however, is that these are heavily protected on both sides to minimize the possibility of dirt, water or salt penetrating. When such an incidence occurs, it can drastically affect the smoothness of the bearings.

  • Hagane

    This product comes with the Hagane precision cold forged gears which significantly provides one of the smoothest retrieve experience any angler can ever have on a fishing reel, especially when it bears a decidedly heavy load.
    X-Ship has a smooth gear system which places specific bearings on the pinion. The only way to detect this is when the product is in use with an appropriate rod.
    But this difference will immediately become noticeable as soon as adequate pressure has been applied accordingly.

  • Innovative Spool Design & Power Roller

    Thanks to a spool that is intricately designed – known as the AR-C forged – Stradic Ci4 does quite a remarkable job when it comes to the management of the line. The spool comes with a grooved power roller. The power roller itself also has its own groove that is designed to minimize line twists by up to fifty percent.

  • Anti-reverse Bearing

    The product makes use of a one-way roller bearing which allows users to set the hook instantly whenever they want. Users will not, in any way experiencing any form of back play in the fishing reel.


  • High Price Tag

    This product comes at a relatively high price, and many newbie anglers may not be able to afford it. Definitely not for any angler whose wallets are not relatively deep.

  • No Anti-reverse Switch

    There is no anti-reverse switch or lever on this otherwise flawless fishing reel. You may get used to this missing feature later on, but it has to be mentioned herein.

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Wrap Up

Remarkable good looks and reliable, lightweight feel along with ultra-smooth reeling experience showcases that the Shimano Stradic Ci4 fishing reel is in a class of its own. Many proud owners of this product report few line twists and wind knots. Add this fishing reel to your arsenal and enjoy the extraordinary craftsmanship that has gone into creating this product.

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